Call for Works

Feminist Spaces 4.1 (Fall/Winter)

Feminist Spaces is now accepting general submissions for its next issue. Feminist Spaces welcomes work across genres and disciplines and invite students, faculty, and independent scholars to submit academic papers, creative writing, and artistic pieces that address topics in feminist, gender, sexuality or women’s studies. Articles may originate or enter into dialogue with current feminist discourse or present historical research. Topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Topics regarding feminist theory, practice, and politics
  • History and analysis of feminist movements
  • Research and historiography of individual women
  • Intersectionality and politics of diversity in feminism
  • Women’s and feminist contributions to/effects on industrial or labor fields
  • Feminist Ethics/Philosophy
  • LGBTQ+ topics

Please ensure that all written submissions adhere to the guidelines and conventions set forth by the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition. Standard essays must be emailed in .rtf, .doc, or .docx form and should be single-spaced at a 12 pt font. All artistic submissions must be submitted electronically in universally compatible formats and should include a written statement to contextualize the work.

The deadline for submission is Friday December 11, 2017, with a tentative release date scheduled for January. Please forward all works and inquires to


Feminist Spaces is seeking critical reviews in its next issue. These reviews may address books, films, dramatic or musical performances, etc., that address women’s studies, investigate a critical issue surrounding feminism, or demonstrate the pervasiveness of oppressive ideology within social, political, or cultural spheres.

If you are interested in composing a review, please contact our editorial staff at for more information

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