Editorial Board


Jordan Thames, Editor-in-Chief



Hannah Trevino, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Trevino is currently working on an MA in English at the University of West Florida. She plans to pursue a PhD in either Early-Modern Studies or composition and rhetoric. Her academic interests are feminist theory, early-modern religion, and multimodal writing pedagogy.



Terry Griner, Associate Editor

Terry graduated with a BA in English Literature in 2015 and is currently working on his MA at the University of West Florida. He currently teaches first-year composition and plans to pursue a PhD in late 18th and early 19th century British and American literature after graduation. His scholarly interests include the transatlantic history of the culture of sensibility and queer identities in sentimental and sensational literature.



Kara Griffith, Associate Editor

Kara Griffith is a graduate student at the University of West Florida pursuing a Master of Arts in English literature. Her research interest is in rhetorical grammar pedagogy studies within the composition and rhetoric field. Rhetorical grammar is the subject of her ongoing thesis, which seeks to blend and develop rhetorical and formal grammar exercises for teachers to use in their classrooms. Aside from composition and rhetoric studies, she also enjoys studying gothic film and literature, and while still new to this field, she enjoys writing about different gothic texts. She is currently working on a project with another student that involves Silence of the Lambs and animal rights, and hopes to publish this piece upon completion.



Shaundra D. Smith Cadogan,  Associate Editor

Shaundra is pursuing a B.A. in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Sociology at the University of West Florida.  After graduation, she will pursue a master’s degree in Women’s Studies and/or Sociology and plans to be an educator and activist. Her academic interests include intersectional feminism, social constructivism, and critical race theory.  Her current research projects involve women in religion, inequality within feminism, and residual elements of American slavery within modern U.S. society.


Kyndall Turner, Associate Editor

Kyndall Turner is currently working on her MA in English Literature at the University of West Florida, where she teaches first-year composition. She plans to pursue a PhD in 18th-century British literature after graduation. Her scholarly interests include cosmic voyage literature, feminine poetics in British Romanticism, and theories of hysteria and trauma.



Past Editorial Board Members

Editors-in-Chief: Erica Miller, Brittany Hammock, Etienne Lambert, Rebecca Namniek (Founder), Taylor Willbanks (Founder)
Managing Editors: Sydney Stone, Rachael Johnson, Etienne Lambert
Associate Editors: Shaundra D. Smith Cadogan, Woodline Lauvince, Joshua Hart, Karen Manning, Dylan Matthews, Katie Sundy, Megan Washington, Sarah Miller, Toni Holy, Carly Cocuy, Faith Green, Hope Hall, Nathan Marona, May Al-Sewady, Evangeline Murphy

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