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3.2 Spring/Summer 2017 – Flipbook
3.2 Spring/Summer 2017 – PDF

Contributors: Samantha Earley (University of West Florida), Shawna Guenther (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia), Natacha Guyot (University of Texas, Dallas), Didi Hock (Independent), Maaike Hommes (University of Amsterdam), Darlene Johnston (Bowling Green State University), Kristin LaFollette (Bowling Green State University), Christopher Maye (California State University, Long Beach), Jenna L. O’Connor (Simmons College), Stephen Ohene-Larbi (Bowling Green State University), Diana Pearson (Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada), Felix Reich (Münster University, Germany), Aisling Reidy (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland), Katie Von Wald (Simmons College).

This issue of Feminist Spaces showcases a vast array of works discussing relevant topics such as the ethics of intersex surgery, oppression through the objectification of menstruation as well as feminist readings of literature, film, and art.


3.1 Fall/Winter 2017 – Flipbook
3.1 Fall/Winter 2017 – PDF

Contributors: Bouchra Badaoui (ENSAM, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco), Chandini Jha (Georgetown University), Helmi Ben Meriem (Tunisia, Independent), April Holland Noke (University of West Florida), Alexandra Shea Paleka (St. Norbert College), Ryan Patterson (University of Oregon), R. P. Stiles (Independent), Ng Lay Sion (Osaka University, Japan), Shelby E. Ward (Virginia Tech), Elizabeth West (University of West Florida), Jessica Williams (SUNY College), Corey Wrenn (Monmouth University).

This issue of Feminist Spaces represents our second open Call for Works and spans topics from exploring transnational boundaries to the conversation surrounding breast-feeding in the workplace while offering feminist perspectives of film, music, and literature.


2.2 Spring/Summer 2016 – Flipbook
2.2 Spring/Summer 2016 – PDF

Contributors: Danielle Lehuanani Bonderer (University of West Florida), Eva Burke (Trinity College, Ireland), Dr. Kimberly J. Chandler (Xavier University of Louisiana), Janessa Duran (University of Toronto, Canada), Monika Hauck (University of West Florida), Staci Jagoe (University of West Florida), Dione Moultrie King (University of West Florida), Tiffany Kinney (University of Utah), Srishti Krishnamoorthy (University of Cambridge, UK), Solenne Lestienne (independent), Katherine Masters (University of West Florida), Helmi Ben Meriem (University of Sousse, Tunisia), Carrie Myers (City Seminary of New York), Jonathan Naveh (independent), Elizabeth (Lily) Rowen (Claremont Graduate University), Molly E. Ubbesen (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Alithia Skye Zamantakis (Georgia State University).

The fourth installment of Feminist Spaces is the product of our very first open Call for Works. These submissions address a wide array of topics including feminist and liberatory approaches to education, the gender binary, domestic and intimate partner violence, and the legacy of forging spaces for women’s writing in literature and mass media.

2.1 Cover

2.1 Fall/Winter 2016 – Flipbook
2.1 Fall/Winter 2016 – PDF.

Contributors: Abhimanyu Acharya (St. Xavier”s College, Ahmedabad), Laurel Billings (University of Michigan), Darian Cantón (University of West Florida), Jean Matarrita Chavarría (Poesía Irreverente), Maria Cruse (Pacific Lutheran University), Lake Elrod (Independent), Chase Gregory (Duke University), Krista Grensavitch (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Sur Landfried (Phillips-University Marburg, Germany), Amelie Ollivier (Oregon State University), Daniel Putney (Universtiy of Nevada).

Our third issue includes a dynamic collection of creative and critical works that focus on LGBTQ+ theory and feminist intersectionality.

FEminist Spaces 1.2

1.2 Spring/Summer 2015 – Flipbook
1.2 Spring/Summer 2015 – PDF. 

Contributors: Stephanie E. V. Brown (University of West Florida), Shawna Guenther (Dalhousie University), Tenee’ Hart (Independent), Natalie Fernández Jimeno (University of Oviedo, Spain), MANDEM (Florida State University), Natalie Peters (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

This excellent collaboration between our contributors and our editorial staff has resulted in a fantastic second issue of Feminist Spaces. The topic for this issue is women and technology. Inside you will find fascinating textual explorations of the convergence of identity, technology and science, as well as beautiful works of art which consider this challenging topic.

1.1 Fall/Winter 2014 – Flipbook
1.1 Fall/Winter 2014 – PDF. 

Contributors: Elizabeth G. Allen (University of Memphis), Morgan Arnett (Independent), Carly Cocuy (University of West Florida), Brandyn Heppard (Raritan Valley Community College; New School for Social Research) Sarah James (Colorado State University), Katie Manthey & Maria Novotny (Michigan State University), Stephanie Metz (University of Tennessee), Sarah Miller (University of West Florida), Emma Gaalaas Mullaney (Pennsylvania State University), Elan Justice Pavlinich (University of South Florida), Julia Polyck-O’Neill (Brock University, Canada), Hannah Robb (University of Arizona).

Our first issue contains a collection of Women’s Studies Manifestas from undergraduate and graduate students across the United States.

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